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Hannah Hendricks

Recognizing P4 Hannah Hendricks, a truly remarkable graduate! 

I have had the privilege of working with many outstanding graduates over the years, each of whom brought different talents to our profession and left their own imprint in my memory. This year, though, it is my honor to recognize a very special graduate, Hannah Hendricks, who has been a true inspiration. Hannah is a remarkable person who has been battling an incredibly challenging illness while simultaneously pursuing her PharmD degree. Throughout her journey, she has shown tremendous strength, courage, and resilience. She has stayed true to her heart, never letting go of her dream of graduating and going on to do a residency, a goal that she proudly achieved. She has had to endure so many losses along the way – things that most of us take for granted every day, like the joy of getting a haircut, enjoying a good meal with friends, or just hanging out in a bar. Her tenacity and persistence are commendable and remind us of the power of believing and persevering. Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your life with us. We are all richer for having you as an example of how to triumph in the face of adversity. 

-Dr. Gundy Sweet

  • Mark Nelson
    10 months ago

    Congratulations Hannah! Good luck on your Residency and don’t forget to keep in touch!!

  • Lisa Thelen
    10 months ago

    Congratulations Hannah! Your tenacity and perseverance is an inspiration!
    Lisa Theln

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